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Branded Keywords May Not Boost Ranking Anymore

Some suggest that Apple will take actions against infringements of branded keywords.

What can we do next to fix?

If your mobile app marketing strategy is to leverage other apps’ branded keywords, there are some suggestions for you:

  • Think twice before you choose the branded keywords. The safe fit is to have a survey on keywords search index in the past to make sure the current rankings are reasonable and indicative.
  • Make sure whether rankings in the search results with the branded keywords appear abnormal recently.
  • If app keywords fail to boost app ranking, there is a need to brainstorm new version of app keywords.

If your app branded keywords are used by other apps, make a formal complaint to Apple with no hesitation.

  • Log in the website as below:

Log in the website to make a complaint

  • Fill in the contact information

    Fill in the contact information

  • Provide evidence

    Provide links or disputed content via searching forms in the “App Store content dispute” page.
    Provide links or disputed content via searching forms


The numbers of disputed apps are 50 at maximum in every complaint. List all the platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac if the disputed apps are available on those platforms.

  • Select the issue type and territories and describe the issue in details.

    Select the issue type and territories and describe the issue in details.

  • The final one is to tap submit button.

  • Apple’s response

    Then you will get an automatic reply e-mail to inform you whether Apple receives your complaint. Following the e-mail, there will be a formal reply with complaint code. At the same time, the disputed party will receive a warning e-mail as well.

One thing you should keep in mind: the process of a complaint may take your 2 or 3 months. Another quicker way is to contact the disputed party to cease the illegal act with adequate convincing evidence. If it fails, dispute complaints are welcome at any time.