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How to get positive app reviews - The easiest ways

For many start-ups, they have no idea how important getting positive reviews is which lures potential app users to download. Usually, positive reviews are also the main reason behind the purchase. That’s why getting positive reviews are also vital for our app revenues. Positive reviews also play an important role in a company’s reputation, which consumes time and energy to build up. Today, we would like to share some strategies to help you get positive reviews for your app.

Time prompts properly

It’s a mistake to ask your app users to leave reviews upon app users newly download the app. No matter how paramount your app is, the pop-up is just interrupting users experience during users’ happy hour, which may annoy app users to turn down your app and delete it. That won’t be what you want. App developers should trigger users to leave feedback when they complete a mission in a game or purchase any paid service. Such actions prove that they are interested in your app, and they are more willing to give your app positive reviews.

Incentivize app users

Let’s be frank. It’s annoying to write any reviews anyway. The majority of us just shut down the standard app review pop-up immediately when encounter app reviews asking. But everyone can not refuse free stuff. Rather than directly displaying a standard app review pop-up, you need to incentivize app users with the reward system. If your app has in-app scores or points, app users are more likely to leave positive reviews in exchange for the rewarding benefits. For example, your app is relevant to the game, and app users can get free game coins or accomplish a level for a positive review.

Ask your loyal users.

It’s lucky if your existing app has a huge number of loyal users base which give you an easy time to persuade users to give positive reviews for your new app. The loyal app users are more likely to provide support if they enjoy the good experience in the app. It’s a mistake to “beg” app reviews directly, set up a simple question will be a better bet. When users choose “No, thanks” which means they will not give you positive reviews. When users tap “Yes” which will lead them to the app review page. The above incentive reward can also trigger loyal users to give positive reviews for your new app. Besides, the priority to allow loyal users to experience one paid function will work better.

Seek free app review sites

Reach out free app review sites to get positive reviews which provide authoritative opinions on popular apps. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines to avoid irritating the review sites admins who are busy to give comments for hundreds of apps all day.

Keep your content concise and remember to put the key information of your app at the top of your submission. So it’s easy for reviewers to understand what are the functions and unique features of your app, then they are more likely to give more positive reviews to your app.

One more thing you need to mind is that send your promo codes to reviewers instead of waiting for them to ask for who will not pay to download your app. Submitting your app to professional review sites is another good practice in bug fixing, which is an essential guarantee for your app downloads.

Leverage your social circle

Another way to get positive reviews is to encourage your friends or relatives in your social circle. Set up a contest to reward the top 3 people who write the best positive reviews with gifts or paid functions or services for free in your app. It’s essential to make the contest transparent, at least who are the contestants and how you select the winners. It’s not “asking for” but “inviting” them to win something in exchange for giving positive reviews. Everyone loves free stuff, so they are more likely to give your app positive reviews for a reward.

Buy positive reviews

If the above effective ways are still hard for you to get positive reviews, you may turn to an app review provider for help which boasts huge reviews from genuine users from the global network. It’s not free anymore, but more unexpected positive reviews may pop in your app review page, which brings you more revenues in return.


In the fierce global competition, how to make your app more visible in the app store is essential. Getting app reviews plays an important role in attracts potential users to find out your app and download it, which make paid functions and service purchase more possible. As these strategies we mentioned above, we hope them will benefit you get more positive reviews.