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How to Prevent/Avoid Bad App Reviews

It is vital to take action to your bad reviews. Lots of factors will result in bad reviews. Users maybe have high expectations on your app, if you can’t follow these parts we’ll talk about the next, you’ll inevitably face bad reviews. This guide will introduce you about how to avoid bad app reviews, how to get positive app reviews and how to manage negative reviews.

Part 1. How to Prevent/Avoid Bad App Reviews

avoid negative apps reviews

These tips will help avoid a large portion of bad app reviews. However, Some bad reviews are inevitable, as some people are simply impossible to please – but many are easily avoided. Therefore, it’s essential that try everything possible to avoid as more as bad app store reviews.
Before your mobile app goes to market, make sure you’ve solved all of these following issues. Here, we provide you five ways to avoid bad app reviews for app developers.

1. Test Again and Again

Test your app again and again before publishing it to the App Store. You can do testing to quicken the process and smoothen the app process for your user.

2. Ensure App Users Know What to Expect from Your App

Video is frequently becoming the fastest way to show your app. Downloaders will know what to expect from the app by watching the video.

3. Have an Effective Customer Support

Effective customer service makes a big difference on a frustrated, unhappy, disappointed clients give negative reviews. When your customers are well attended for outstanding customer support, they are possible to share positive and quality reviews, even turn a bad review into a positive review.

Part 2. How to Manage Bad App Reviews

Handl Negative App Reviews

It’s both difficult and time-consuming to push the reviews back up once a number of poor reviews already exist. So you need to learn how to deal with bad or negative app reviews.

  • Make an Formal Apology

Whatever reviews said, just make an polite apology to your end users and reply them like “We’ re sorry for bringing you unpleasant experience, we’re glad that you help us find bugs, thank you for letting us have this chance to fix this for you, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to bring you a pleasant experience.”

  • Notify Users Timely When Bugs Are Fixed

Fix bugs quickly after you give the feedback and inform users to updated the new version in a pop-up window, then ask them to re-review your app in another pop-up window. If users are leaving negative comments because of bugs, this will help to decrease the negative app reviews.

Part 3. How to Get More Positive App Reviews

manage bad apps reviews

1. Incentivize Users

You can provide free upgrades or in-app present in exchange for a positive review.

2. Ask “Strategically”

When and how should you request your users to give a review for your app? When do they feel delighted and would they like to give you a review? You can start out to do from these two points.

  • Ask at the suitable time-Prompt users with a request to review your app after they have completed their task or just been awarded, because they are likely in a better mood and likely to give you a positive review.
  • Ask politely and be clear– You can send a two-parts question like, “do you like this app?” If they choose yes, redirect them to the app store. If they choose no, redirect them to an internal feedback page. By this way, you’ll only receive positive reviews and you can go over negative ones.

3. Keep Communication Open with Users

If you have an official website for your app, you can provide customer support or add a complaint/ feedback area on your site to make your users get in touch with you timely or bring feedback to you.

4. Buy App Store Reviews for Your App

Why do you need to buy app reviews? If you did everything above and other things you could, but you still can’t change the negative reviews for your app. At this time, you should consider getting app reviews by buying some quality and positive reviews for your app.

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In Summary

Negative reviews have a large impact on the search discovery of your app in the app store. But if you work on building a great app and keep users happy, you can combat bad or negative reviews, and you’ll be one step ahead of your rivals and get more great reviews.