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What Are the Benefits of Buying App Store Reviews?

Any App developer will freely acknowledge that successfully marketing their product requires nearly as much time and effort as producing it. The App market is incredibly crowded. It’s all too common for high-quality products to simply sink because inferior Apps have marketed themselves better. This is why many developers look to buy App Store reviews. Make no mistake this needn’t necessarily be buying hundreds of false five star reviews. Rather it’s the sheer volume of reviews that will propel a quality App up the rankings.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ways to buy App Store reviews. There’s a huge number of benefits to be had, all of which will eventually lead towards greater exposure and potentially vastly increased revenue streams.

Where to Buy App Store Reviews?buy app store reviews - where to buy reviews

Before looking into the many benefits of this style of a marketing campaign it’s important to highlight some of the most important considerations when selecting a review agency. Apple has clamped down significantly over the last two years on what they term to be ‘false’ reviews. This is understandable as they naturally want to support the integrity of their reviews system. However, who is to decide what a fair review is?

Apple seeks out and actively remove blatantly false reviews. These are easy to spot and in some cases, Apps have fallen from 20k+ reviews to less than a fifth of that figure – with predictable consequences for their ranking position. This is why it’s essential to use a review agency who uses multiple people from all over the world. Mixed IP addresses are vital to protecting reviews from being removed, as too is a mix of scores. Most good agencies will suggest that their reviewing team score well, but hundreds of five stars will always raise suspicions!

About the company provide app store reviews, I recommend MobiASO. It is a professional app-review provider and have rich experience in this career. The reviews provided by MobiASO are all from real users all over the world, which can make you feel risk-free and worry free. Also, there is an app for app reviewers who will provide high-quality app reviews for your app. Thus, if you want to but app reviews from a reliable company, is a great choice for you.

Developers Who Buy App Store Reviews Gain Exposurebuy app store reviews - app exposure

At the absolute heart of this marketing system is generating exposure for the App. The App Store works with a number of reviews as well as their overall score. In such a crowded market it’s vital to climbing these rankings for an App to have a chance to become viable. Take something very basic such as picture editing. There are hundreds of Apps on the market offering this kind of service, but the vast majority of users will only use a dozen or so of the highest ranked. After all, why would they choose an unknown, not reviewed App hundreds of places down the listings?

Developers who buy App Store reviews will see their product rapidly climb ahead of much of the competition. It’s simply a means of adding legitimacy to the product, as after all if others have tried it and scored the App highly then others will most certainly follow.

Expect Fast Results And Enhanced Revenue

When an App is released it’s crucial to gain exposure right away. Apps that are fresh to the market and receive great interest (reviews) have a much better chance of ‘catching a buzz’. Obviously, it helps if the App is excellent at what it does, but it’s much easier to promote a new product than one which has been low ranked on the market for a long while.

The best way developers can do this is to buy App Store reviews. As an early initial push to gain interest it’s a small investment which can pay for itself very swiftly. Remember that after this early rise through the ranks other users will download and reviews that App. Ideally, this creates a snowball effect whereby interest grows exponentially. Most agencies will deliver hundreds of unique downloads and reviews within a very short timescale, and obviously the more the better especially when in a crowded sector such as gaming or social media add-ons.

Legitimate Reviews From Real Usersbuy app store reviews - reviews from real users

Web marketing has come a long way in recent years. The old cut and paste 5 stars ‘excellent’ format doesn’t cut it nowadays. Users expect more depth as this implies an honest and fair appraisal of the App. Developers worrying that is they buy App Store reviews that they are just hiring a bot really shouldn’t be worried. Their App will be reviewed by real people who know their stuff, and will give unique feedback each time.

Boost your app downloads in a short time

73% users would like to install an app has more positive reviews, so the reviews have a great impact on app downloads. The more positive reviews your app get, the more installs you will get. Maybe there are some developers will use other methods to get app installs, but you have to admit buying app store reviews is faster and more effective to get app installs than other. Also, it will save you much time and effort so that you can put these to other valid projects.

Gain a good reputation

App review, like the fame for people, is the symbol of an app. If your app generates more positive app reviews, which stands your app has a great reputation. And the reverse is equally true. Therefore, if you buy app store reviews, you will build a good reputation for your app. Also, the good reputation also can attract more new users for your app and increase the retention of your app.

More competitive than other appsbuy app store reviews - competitive app

Having more positive app reviews mean that your app has high-valued content and interesting functions. And app stores always show the high-quality app in the recommended lists, while the app reviews are the important affecting factor of improving an app. Therefore, if you want to become more competitive, you have to get more positive reviews through more crucial tips. To achieve this goal, buy app reviews is a good choice for you.


Remember that as mentioned at the top of this article, Apple is wise to the games that developers use to exploit the ranking system. Those who buy App store reviews aren’t doing anything wrong – they are simply providing an incentive for people to try their App. It’s no different to any other company handing out free samples for feedback.

Make no mistake even a modest sum put aside to buy App Store reviews can go a very long way. It’s rapidly becoming an essential factor for any company looking to release a new App or breathe life into an existing one.