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What to Do Next after Received Rejections from Apple?

It’s frustrating when you received rejections from Apple review team, what’s more, it is not clear the exact reasons why your app can’t get through. Today, we will share possible reasons behind rejections and effective strategies you may follow.what to do after received apple rejections

First, it’s necessary to pinpoint the problem. Apple definitely will send you an e-mail with “no”, but they won’t give you the exact answer in the e-mail. There is a common reason for app rejection, especially the finance apps.

The Seller and Artist names/company names associated with your app do not reflect the xxx in the app or its metadata, as required by section 1.2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Effective solutions are as follows:

  • Change the developer Apple-ID from individual to company to submit your app, especially for finance apps. There is a second option if the app submission is for your clients, ask your client add your Apple-ID in the developers’ group list of the app and then resubmit.
  • During the period of reviewing, delete or hide the brand name of banks in app content and functions at risk to be rejected.
  • App content provides more information about your company and brand.
  • Feedback relevant information and evidence to prove the brand app mentioned is your company.
  • Revise Apple-ID e-mail address from individual to app company and the website for support to company’ website.

There are similar reasons for other apps:

  • why received apple rejectionsShopping apps: meta data containing other apps’ Delete app title, keywords and description relevant to other brand and provide more content related to own company and brand in meta data. Feedback adequate information and evidence to prove the brand app mentioned is your own company to Apple reviewers.
  • Shopping apps: developer name and company name do not match with shopping platform or coupon provider mentioned in apps. During the period of reviewing, hide information and functions at risk to be rejected.
  • Medical apps: developer name and company name do not match with medical organizations apps mentioned.

For cloned apps, there are two ways to fix the rejections.

  • Hide information at risk to be rejected and make a revision to meta data, app icon, interface, and functions during the period of reviewing which can revise back after approval. One thing needs to mention is your app will gain a red card if Apple notices thus irregularities.
  • Design a completely different app.