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Terms of services Terms Of Service

Introduction trades its tools and services in order for Developers to have an opportunity to use Service (the “Service”) at the Developer’s application. This special service is created in order to provide the Developer with the possibility to get reviews in the Play Store with minimum expanses and more effectively. Before using the Service, be sure to read the terms of regulation that manage the Developer’s use of

Between The And Developer 

(a) The Developer keeps all the Intellectual Property rights. Therefore, does not have any mentioned rights (except particular ones assured in this Agreement).

(b) All the rights, interest and title in Service are obtained by (together with this website’s apps), all the Intellectual Property Rights, Service Documentation and the Developer gets hold of none of them (except particular ones assured in this Agreement).

The developer is provided with non-exclusive, revocable and partial license to gain access to service documentation once the agreements is proceeded in case it is necessary to use service in compliance with conditions and requirements of this agreement. and its licensors keep all other rights, which are nor mentioned here. The developer is aware and quite understandable about possibility of using and creating apps, content and other services independently close to the applications of the developer. Moreover, nothing in this agreement would work as an obstacle used for preventing from evolving and using such applications, services or content along with other items without any responsibilities. The developer has all the rights to give some feedback, provide suggestions, ideas for improvement and materials that are related to Once providing any kind of such information, the developer come to an understanding with providing us the far-reaching right, interest in, title to such feedback to; declares our further possibility to use this kind of information in any way, and deprived of the obligatory secrecy, reference or reward to account. In addition, the developer assures to take the corresponding actions that could sometimes appeal with the purpose of influence, perfect or authorize rights as listed in this agreement.

Developer Representations, Requirements And Warranties

The processes of developing, operating and maintaining of applications is fully the Developer’s responsibility and never the's responsibility. The Developer also admits its responsibility for all materials and content that occur within the application. 

For instance, the Developer has responsibility for the next:

  •  the technical operative of the applications and corresponding tools;
  •  establishing and showing the content via or in the app; the accuracy and suitability of the applications and the materials offered over the use of apps;
  •  assuring that the content of applications and application itself do not interfere the rights of the third party (e.g., exclusive rights, privacy or trademarks);
  • guaranteeing that the materials accessible via the applications are not offensive or unlawful in any other way;
  •  assuring that you methodically and sufficiently show how you gather, collect and use the information left by the visitors, together with the third parties’ one and that you fully agree with the privacy policy, which us as user-favorable as the one agreed by and any complaints about your applications or the content by third parties’ users.

The Developer Denotes, Warrants And Assure Us That:

  1. you own all the rights and can assure us that all licenses and rights identified in this Agreement without trespassing the third parties’ rights;
  2. your applications, their content and usage do not trespass or violate the rights of people (patent or any other kind of proprietary rights and intellectual property, copyright);
  3. you provide an application that will (A) match to the linked laws and rules, in addition to export control laws and specific rules of the country in favors to usage of; (B) retain all licenses and authorizations linked to the Service; and (C) in case the application would take in payments, obey with the protocols and rules of any payment network (MasterCard, Visa, Pay Pal, American Express)
  4. the application’s content cannot be unlawful in any way and means;
  5. your applications and their content lack of any adware, virus or other malicious code;
  6. your applications submit to the positions of this Agreement and other policies and rules in it.

Disclaimers is not responsible for the client content or third party’s software or with regard to the service, whether produced by clienteles, by, third parties or tools or software development connected to the service. Moreover, is not responsible for any service’s user behavior. The problems in technical operative of the service or network, computer systems and tools, software, counting damage to the client’s computer, hardware, software or mobile phone, associated with the service usage, is not a responsibility of as well. is not liable for any damage or loss at any situation, together with personal injury or death accordingly of the service usage, both offline and online. The service is safe "as-is" and the disclaims representations and guarantees, no matter whether stated or indirect. is not able to provide any warranties and does not initiate any specific consequences after usage of the service. Starting mobile be aware, there is no warranty that software or other tools related to the service are wide-ranging, up-to-date, consistent, error-free or that the service has no damaging components.

Limitation On Responsibility

At any rate will be legally responsible to any third person or you exactly for any significant, unintended, or some other distinct damages, together with lost incomes or data as the result of using the service, even while this website had been notified about the probability of such harms. At any rate, the's responsibility to you for no matter what will always be limited to the sum of money funded by you to this website whereas the agreement is carried out, but never liability can overdo $1,000. Moreover, you may have extra rights, as some laws do not permit limitations on implied guarantees. In case when such laws apply to you, some or the entire beyond limitations or disclaimers cannot be applied to you. In the case of using this website’s service, the developer approves that any argument that may occur between the and the developer will be resolved according to the laws of the state of washington. On the subject of any disputes or statements that occur to be not under the negotiation jurisdiction, you reach agreement not to take legal actions in other than the washington state and federal courts. Arbitration. The developer and established that the single forum for any arguments connecting to or follow-on these terms of usage and agreement, the service shall be last arbitration, apart from the cases in which one or the other of us has in any way violated or threatened to trespass the other party's rights. In such situation, the parties understand arbitration to be not a proper remedy and that other correct assistance has to be required. As stated by this agreement, arbitration shall be led by the american arbitration association. The directions of the aaa play the key role in resolving of the arbitration position and the sharing out of charges and costs for such settlement.


Mentioned Terms of Use and Agreement drown the whole agreement between the Developer and the website, with reference to the use of the Service, up. These Terms call off any former agreements between the Developer and Title with regard to the usage of the Service. The letdown of to implement any right or achievement of these Terms of Use and Agreement shall not found a disclaimer of such setting up or right in the exacting case. In case when some provision in this Agreement is canceled, its residue has to continue totally. In case when some provision of these Terms of Use and Agreement is measured as illegal or unenforceable, then it has to be judged unconnected to these Terms of Use and should not affect the enforceability and legitimacy of the lasting provisions. Usage of service requests implementation of individual contract.