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How to Get Your App Featured on App Store

Every app developer wants their app to get featured on App Store in front of millions of people. However, there’re more than 1,600 apps being submitted to the iTunes App Store every day. So it becomes a common problem for app developers to get their app into featured list. What app would Apple like to add to the featured list? While it may be difficult, it’s attainable. Here we provide you with some ways to help to get your iOS app featured on App Store. 


1. Use Latest iOS Features

Develop your app with new technology followed by Apple, like new APIs and 3D games. New features will bring you many new users and get more attention from Apple.

2. Make your App Universal

If you want to get your app featured, you’d better make sure your app is compatible with all iOS products. This is also a good advantage for developers to increase app downloads from worldwide.

3. Localize your App

Make sure to localize your app in countries and languages your app supports. Because app localization is the process of adapting your app to a particular language and culture, which will help to boost app ranking and increase maximum downloads on mobile devices.

4. Make a Unique App(Visual Design)

You don’t only need to design a high-quality app that serves users needs but also design a unique app to help your app stand out from other competitors and attract more users. Apple designs their apps unique & catchy that’s why it gets millions of users. So your app needs to have an outstanding design and functionality, which will help to get your app featured.

5. App Store Optimization (ASO)

app store optimizationWhy is app store optimization important to help you get your app featured on App Store? App store optimization helps to boost your app ranking, be searched and known by more potential users. You can do it from these following aspects.

  • Optimize your app title

App title is the most important. An app with a good title will easily be searched and found on App Store. It should include the keywords.

  • Optimize your app keywords

A report shows around 70% traffic of an iOS app is from keyword searches.

When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account.

  • Optimize your app description

List new features and outstanding features into app description. Besides, adding your keywords as more as possible to the first three lines of the description will attract more users.

  • Attach some good screenshots

Your app screenshots should be descriptive, exciting and in high-quality.

6.Get Good Reviews and High-star Ratings

Get Your App Featured on App StoreReviews and ratings, as two important signs of user experience, are the most important factors checked by Apple. Most apps with good reviews and 4-5 star ratings are featured on App Store. Therefore, try to get more good reviews and high star ratings from users.

Moreover, if there’s a negative user review or a problem, don’t forget to give a reply and provide a solution. Because user experience is essential to establish a solid rating, which will contribute to getting your app into featured list.

So it becomes quite important to know that how to prevent/avoid bad app reviews and get good ones.

7. Keep High Downloads

The number of downloads is another factor taken into account by Apple when selecting featured apps. High downloads mean people like and need your app. If your app gets high downloads, it’s more likely that it will get featured by Apple.

8. App Store Search Marketing(ASM)

ASM is a fast way to increase your app downloads in short time. Many iOS developers have started to do the App Store Search Ads. However, unfortunately, it is only released in North America.

9. Update your App Regularly

If you want to get your app featured on App Store, you’d better update your app frequently, especially on special occasions like the Christmas Day and New Year etc.

Add new features, fix bugs with your every update. This will improve the user experience. And the App Store has a section called Best New Updates. So updating will contribute to getting your app into feature list.

10. Know Apple Well

Apple app storeIf you know Apple well, your app will be highly likely to be featured. For example, Apple posts new app curated lists every Thursday. So submit your app on Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll get more chances to be featured in new curated lists.

Besides, App Store has an app store manager or editor for every category. Every week, the local Apple editors will determine the best apps for their specific users and the featured app on the Feature Section.

11. Build a Relationship with Apple

You can build a relationship with Apple via email and social media like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. This is the best way to ask query with Apple and get a solution from them, even encourage them to featured your app. If they’re familiar with your company, they may think of your app at the right moment. Moreover, you’d better follow these tips when emailing to them.

  • Keep your email short because they have lots of emails to read every day.
  • Highlight specific features of your app.
  • Attach a video which introduces all features of your app in a faster and easier way.
  • Let them know how it would be great to take a look at your app.


After emailing to Apple editor, don’t be upset if you don’t get a response from Apple. Wait for some days and try to contact another Apple editor in another country. Maybe, your app will be featured in that country. Or make some improvements for your app and try it once again!

12. Provide Customer Support

Get Your App Featured on App StoreYou should give the Apple confidence in you that you are ready to manage this increasing traffic because getting featured means increasing downloads.

You can build a Facebook page to deal with regular app activity, which shows that you take the app seriously and want to provide your users with services.

In Conclusion

These quick shortcuts will help to get your app featured on App Store. However, just do one or two points mentioned above is not enough, you should combine all these strategies if you want to increase the chances of getting your app featured on App Store.